Find Your Keys & Other Lost Items

32111323536_0f5a2146af_b[1]The more I look into bluetooth trackers, the more I like them. While it isn’t a device you’re going to use on the daily, they can come in handy. Let me tell you about two times in the past 7 years that I have specifically needed a key finder. I keep pretty good track of my keys, but situations where it get lost can happen to anyone. You might be thinking about a time or two in which you could have used a key finder app as well.

You need a device and the app. And as a matter of fact, you can use the device to help you locate other items, like your wallet or purse, too. Now, let’s talk about those stories. Sometimes you just lose items in a couch or leave them behind in a store. Those common situations are one way to look at possible scenarios, but you’re really going to get a kick out of my stories.

Let’s begin with story #1. I was walking to the store, and my shorts had a hole in them, unbeknownst to me. I did not hear my keys fall through the hole in the pocket. When I got back home, I could not get back in my condo. I retraced my steps, but I could not locate them. I looked everywhere. Ultimately, in the end, I had to get security to let me in, and then I asked my family to bring over the spare.

In that situation, the bluetooth tracker might have located any misplaced item it’s attached to right away while I was walking and retracing my steps. It would have either beeped when I was close, or it would have shown where it was on the app. That’s in a perfect world, but I would like to think that the app could have helped me locate my missing items. I will never know because I didn’t have a tracker. As a matter of fact, it might not have even been around when that happened.

Fast forward a few years, and get ready for this next story. I lost my keys in the elevator. Now I’m not talking about them falling out and onto the floor. I mean I was walking out of the elevator, and they slipped out of my hands and went down the shaft. I thought that was quite a unique situation, but evidently, with thousands of visitors each year to the resort, quite a few people have done that.

In this situation, I knew where I left them, yet the maintenance staff couldn’t find them. A couple of weeks later, I was told that it was found, and they were returned. I could have used the Bluetooth finder application to help find them perhaps, but that situation would have been a little different than that first. Still, those are two examples of how things can unexpectedly go missing. They can be lost in all kinds of ways, and a bluetooth finder device and app might be able to help you find them.